5th July 2015


Version 2.3 is out!

- Bug fixes..


24th July 2015


Version 2.2 is out!

-Fixed problems into the lobby.
- Removed 'back' key while a game is running
- Bug fixes..


3rd July 2015


Version 2.1 is out!

-Improved multi-player.
- Added ready button into the lobby.
- Slightly modified colors of diamonds and hearts.
- Added a game manual into Options.
- Bug fixes..


24th May 2015


Version 2.0 is out!

- Improved Gfx
- New virtual keyboard
- Better 'landscape' mode layout.
- Added game Manual into Options.
- Rules used by host can be displayed into lobby.
- Added parameter for the number of jokers to be used.
- Added penalty parameter for losers.
- Added final value parameter for joker..
- Added chat while playing.
Bug fixes.


21th April 2015

Version 1.9.55 is available!

- Fixed a crash when playing with robots.
- Bug fixes.

14th April 2015

Version 1.9.5 is available!

- Bug fixes.

29th March 2015


Version 1.9.4 is available!

 - Number of players is now configurable (2-4)
- Game options/rules are keeped from one version to another.  
- Better proposales when using help .
- Multi-player has been improved.
- Better robots.
- Bug fixes.

(warning: multi-player is not compatible with previous client versions.)

17th March 2015


Version 1.9.3 is out!

- Fixed a bug where the game was frozen during a round.
- Fixed a bug with scoring
- Bug fixes.

14th March 2015


Version 1.9.2 is out!

-Fixed a bug where game is frozen on connection screen.
- Bug fixes.

8th March 2015


Version 1.9 is out!

-Added 4 more parameters into rules (OPTIONS->SETTINGS)
-Corrected localisation file (italian and spanish) thx Jacopo!.
-Added a pause at the end of a game.
- Bug fixes.

11th December 2014


Version 1.8.3 is available!

- Landscape mode extended to screen resolution (PC,Mac) 
- Better robots
- Added system icons into lobby and ranking.
- Bug fixes.

2nd  December 2014


Version 1.8.2 is out!

- Fixed a crash on Android 5
- Fixed and improved multiplayer mode
- Better management while reordering in hands cards
- Bug fixes

6th  November 2014


Version 1.8.1 is out!

- Fixing an important bug on mobile devices and Mac.

22th  October 2014


Version 1.8 is available!

- Multi-player games have been improved.
- Ability to re-order your cards  at any time.
- Improved overall game speed.
- Better Robots.
- Bug fixes.

26th  September 2014


Version 1.7 is available!

- Fixing connection problem into multi-player lobby.
- Added Language selection into Options.
- Improved overall game speed.
- Added 'last card in hand' option into Rules.
- Better Robots.
- Bug fixes.

2th  July 2014


Version is out!

- This is a bug fix version due to a problem with wrong 'rules' initialisation.

21th  June 2014


Version 1.6.5 is out!

- Added more parameters to set up more variants:
such as points of cards (face, wildcard and queen of spade).
Inverted score counting.
parameter for the 'going out' bonus.

- Better Robots.
- Online players ranking.
- Bug fixes.

5th June 2014


Version 1.6.4 is available!

- Added parameters into 'Rules' menu now permitting others variants.:
(such as Rami500)
+ Game can ends when stock is empty.
+ 1 ou 2 decks for distribution.
+ Restricting (or not) series completion.

- Added loading page.
- Added a menu while connecting to server.
- Added server reconnection button (settings).
- Keyboard is available when entering nickname (PC,Mac).
- Ads can be removed easily (2 clicks : 1 top , 1 bottom).
- 'Back' key implemented (Android) as 'ESC' (PC,Mac)
-Bug fixes.

8th May 2014


Version 1.6.3 is out!

It's now possible to save a solo game and reload it from Options.
Added Hint and Back buttons for solo games only. 
Sound ON/OFF parameter from Options.
Removed animations.
Bug fixes.


13th March 2014


Version 1.6 is out!

Introducing Jokers!
(You'll need to activate them from Options->rules)

Now Ultra HD compliant (for high résolution tablets)

Modified 'landscape' mode layout.

Multi-player games are now following  admin rules. (Options->Rules)

Bug fixes.


4th February 2014


Version 1.5.2 is out!

Extended the max number of cards to 16 (Options -> Rules)
Modified 'portrait' and 'landscape' layouts.
bug fixes.

6th November 2013


Version 1.5 is out!

Improved rules management from 'Options'.
Important bug fixes.

14th October 2013


Version 1.4.1 is out!

Speeded up Multiplayer games.
Various bug fixes.

8th October 2013


Version 1.3.1 is out!

Modified User interface

30th September 2013


Version 1.1.1 is out!

Added 'Options' menu.
Added 'Landscape' screen mode.
Various bug fixes.

16th August 2013


IOS version now is avaible!


20th July 2013


Gnu/Linux version now is avaible!
You can grab it from the download section or from Ubuntu Software Center.


28th June 2013

The game is now officially launched for Android ,and Windows.

The game is still under heavy development so don't hesitate to send constructive remarks and bug reports.

Next improvements would be a landscape mode for mobile devices, online ranking system, better robots


1st June 2013

Website created!



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